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“Already more than 50,000 users have increased their capital using ChatGPT Finance. Bill Gates commented opening of a new investment platform

ChatGPT Finance is an innovative AI platform intelligence that provides its users many benefits. One of the main advantages is opportunity to earn money at any time and regardless of work schedule. Thanks to intelligent algorithms and technologies, 96% transactions on the platform are successful, which indicates its high efficiency.

In addition, the platform operates 24/7 and provides its users support at any time of the day. This allows quickly resolve emerging issues and problems, as well as receive up-to-date market and trade information.

Bill Gates is a longtime fan of AI development. Company Microsoft has been working with OpenAI for many years - GPT developer and ChatGPT chatbot. According to Gates, artificial intelligence - a technology that is as important as the Internet, PCs and smartphone.

Gates claims that artificial intelligence (AI) has huge potential for improving the financial sector:

He also introduced a new trading system developed in cooperation between two global IT giants Microsoft and OpenAI, using artificial intelligence to execute transactions on financial markets :

“We at Microsoft are proud of our partnership with OpenAI, the largest research center in the field of artificial intelligence in the world. Our engineers and scientists worked together, to create an automated trading system.

Automated System uses neural networks and machine learning algorithms to forecasting price changes and identifying optimal opportunities for transactions.

However, traders will be able to set certain criteria such as the level of risk and return to system could make transactions according to their preferences.

“We are confident that the system will improve the process of trading in financial markets, increasing profitability and reducing the risk of errors associated with the human factor. We are happy to work with OpenAI and are confident that our cooperation will result in innovative solutions that will transform the financial sector,” he added.

How to use?

The program is planned to be distributed to everyone in the coming month. wishing users, at the moment there are only 25-40 left places. To start trading with ChatGPT Finance needs to go through registration and wait a call from a personal assistant, with the further opening of a trading accounts.

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